Maryland Academy of Family Physicians
Executive Director’s Message
From the Desk of the Executive Director
September 2023

Greetings MDAFP Members!

Becky Wimmer - MDAFP Executive Director

Ready to Make Tomorrow Look the Way You Want it to Look? Volunteer to serve on the Board of Directors:

It’s that time again when we’re seeking members of MDAFP to serve on the Board of Directors. This is one of the most important annual processes that any organization goes through and MDAFP is no exception. This is a truly exciting time, and we need your participation to make the nomination process successful. We want our board to continue to be the finest leaders in organized medicine! When thinking about desired traits and skillsets your Academy looks for in leadership, considerations of the nominating committee include:

  • Demonstrated leadership commitment and experience.
  • Positive leadership attributes; emotional intelligence; ability to work collaboratively and engage in appropriate debate and discussion.
  • Visionary and strategic thinker, in order to incorporate strategy, leadership, future focus, and entrepreneurial spirit.

The time commitment is primarily board meeting attendance and prep work (i.e., reading). The board generally meets in person and participates in strategic planning. Board members are expected to participate in all three meetings (winter, summer, and fall), read the board materials ahead of time and participate in the discussion at the meeting. In addition to in-person meetings, board members are to be responsive to electronic board communications (emails, surveys, etc.) as necessary. In addition, an annual strategic planning meeting is held in conjunction with one of the board meetings.

Are you interested in serving and helping your Academy achieve its mission to support Maryland family physicians in their efforts to promote equity and optimize the health of our state’s patients, families, and communities? Is there someone in your network you would like to nominate?

Although leadership experience is desired, we’re also looking for family physicians who have the drive and skillset mentioned above and who want to help shape the future of family medicine by presenting a fresh perspective and ensure a forward-thinking MDAFP.

So, if you’re interested or know someone else who may be a great fit on our board, let me know by sending me a nomination. Self-nominations should include a current CV and statement of interest. Nominations are vetted through the MDAFP nominating committee and a proposed slate will be sent to the Board of Directors for approval. The final slate of the nominating committee will be presented to the membership in attendance at the February 24, 2024, Annual Business Meeting. Terms will begin at that time.

More information is provided later in this newsletter and online. Meanwhile, email or call me if you’d like more information about the process or commitment. I’m looking forward to a great group of nominations to share with the 2024 nominating committee!

Becky Wimmer

MDAFP Executive Director