Call for Board Nominations
The mission of the Maryland Academy of Family Physicians - Foundation
is to enhance the quality of family health care in Maryland through funding of appropriate education, research and philanthropic projects of the MDAFP by providing significant support and stewardship of funds.

We need members and the community to help get this work done by serving on the Board of Directors! The qualifications for appointment to the board of directors of the Maryland Academy of Family Physicians – Foundation include:

  • An awareness of the specialty of Family Medicine and its important role in providing primary health care to the citizens of this state.
  • Knowledge of the programs and objectives of the MDAFP.
  • An understanding of the goals and principles of a foundation and in particular the charitable, scientific, and philanthropic undertakings of the MDAFP-Foundation.
  • Experience with other foundations and fundraising activities is preferable but not required.
  • An appreciation for the opportunity of a foundation to expand the communication and improve the dialog with those individuals and organizations that may not be part of medicine, but who have an interest in primary care practice and the health care industry.

The expectation of to the board of directors of the Maryland Academy of Family Physicians – Foundation includes:

  • A commitment to attend all board meetings and participate in email and subcommittee activities.
  • Though gift amount may vary, it is recommended that each board member give a proud, personal gift.
  • Communicate with donors and tell them about the organizations great work.
  • Help identify prospective donors and open the door with introductions.
  • Support and encourage all fundraising activities and the fundraising team.
  • Ensure the fundraising has adequate resources and support.
  • Attend public events and bring prospects and friends.

Do you or does someone you know have passion for the work and goals of our Foundation – to promote workforce and well-being initiatives? Interested in helping to grow the foundation? Applications and nominations for board positions are open now. Provide a statement of interest and current CV to Madeline. Nominations are approved by the MDAFP Board of Directors in February and new board members start their terms in March.

Board Member Terms

The term of office for the Directors, except for the Resident and Student Directors, shall be for two (2) years and shall commence at the conclusion of the annual meeting at which they were elected and expire at the conclusion of the third succeeding annual meeting, or when their successors are elected.  Directors may serve up to three (3) consecutive two-year terms on the Board.  Directors elected to fill a vacancy on the Board of two years or less shall be eligible for election to three additional consecutive two-year terms.  Resident and Student Directors shall serve a term of one year each, but shall be eligible for re-election.

The MDAFP-Foundation has the following openings for 2024
  • President
  • Director
  • Resident Director
  • Student Director
  • MDAFP Board Member