Advocacy Day 2024
Family Medicine Advocacy Day
TBD - Check back for 2024 date soon!

Check back for 2024 dates soon!

Advocacy Day was a success! Stay tuned for 2024 event information.

The 2023 Family Medicine Advocacy Day was back in person and had 33 attendees, including guests.

Of these attendees, 18 were active family physicians, six were students and one was a resident.

MDAFP advocated for four main legislative opportunities for Family Physicians.

  1. Medicaid Reimbursement
    1. Advocacy Day participants asked that the General Assembly maintain level funding for E&M codes for Medicaid patients in the FY 2024 budget. Maryland is currently a state leader in ensuring that our Medicaid population has access to quality healthcare.
  2. Loan Assistance Repayment Program of Physicians and Physicians Assistants
    1. In 2023 the General Assembly provided record funding for Physician LARP at over $4 million
    2. The Governor’s Budget for FY 2024 reduced this amount to $1 million
    3. MDAFP supports the request that the FY 2024 Budget restores the $ 4 million
  3. Telehealth
    1. The laws that 1) insurance covers audio-only visits and 2) in-person and telehealth encounters be reimbursed equally will sunset in 2023
    2. MDAFP supports Senate Bill 534/House Bill (TBD) that will make permanent reimbursement for audio-only encounters and payment.
  4. Utilization Management Reform (Prior Authorization and Step Therapy)
    1. MDAFP supports House Bill 305/Senate Bill 308 and Senate Bill 515/House Bill 785 to reform prior authorization and step therapy
    2. These bills will allow patients to stay on a prescription drug without another prior authorization if the drug was previously approved by insurance.
The feedback from attendees was positive. Members who had attended in the past were excited to be back in person, and those who were first-time attendees enjoyed their first experience and are looking forward to attending again next year. The residency program directors who attended stated that they hope to send several of their students to next year’s meeting. 

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