Maryland Academy of Family Physicians
Vision & Strategic Plan
Providing Advocacy, Representation and Leadership
Maryland Academy of Family Physicians

Our Vision & Mission

The Maryland Academy of Family Physicians is the largest professional medical specialty society in Maryland

VISION: Able, Responsive, Family Physicians Serving Their Communities

MISSION: To support Maryland family physicians in their efforts to promote equity and optimize the health of our state’s patients, families and communities.

Its 1400+ members are practicing family physicians, family medicine residents in training and medical students. The MDAFP works to preserve and promote quality, cost effective health care. It promotes the science and art of Family Medicine and works toward providing Marylanders with well-trained family physicians who render the highest quality care for their patients.

The Academy provides advocacy, representation and leadership for the specialty of family medicine. It exists to support the professional needs of its members as they serve their patients.

MDAFP is a chapter of the American Academy of Family Physicians

The Maryland Academy of Family Physicians Vision & Mission
Maryland Academy of Family Physicians

2024 Strategic Plan

Areas of Focus

Approved by the Maryland Academy of Family Physicians Board on February 1, 2024

Create opportunities for Member Involvement and Member Engagement

Promote and Advocate for Primary Care Investment (PCI)

Our Goals for 2024

Goal 1: Support and advocate for Primary Care Investment in an effort to meet the needs of our patients and help our members be successful.


  1. Develop communication plan for internal and external stakeholders including members, policy makers and payers. 
  2. Assist employed members to advocate for PCI within their organization.

Goal 2: Promote and advocate for payment reform in an effort to lower healthcare costs and improve patient care in Maryland.


  1. Develop resources and tools so members can successfully navigate value-based and other payment models.
  2. Build coalitions and leverage outside groups to assist members in achieving and promoting pay equity.

Support and Promote Physician Wellbeing

Grow and Maintain a Sufficient Family Medicine Workforce

Our Goals for 2024

Goal 1: Identify and promote strategies and opportunities to engage learners’ interest in Family Medicine.


  1. Offer education opportunities for learners to discover a career in Family Medicine
  2. Provide medical students and undergrads opportunities to shadow Family Physicians and connect with mentors in Family Medicine
  3. Develop a member guide to provide tools and resources needed to mentor, precept and support efforts to promote a career path to Family Medicine.
  4. Offer tracks and preconference options for medical students, residents and physician members.

Goal 2: Promote Maryland as an attractive place to practice


      1. Promote Preceptor Tax Credit Program
      2. Promote Loan Assistance Repayment Program (LARP)

      Grow and Maintain a Family Medicine Workforce

      Support and Promote Physician Well-being

      Our Goals for 2024

      Goal 1: Improve Family Physician career satisfaction by supporting and promoting physician well-being and consider the five factors of well-being* at a state level whenever possible.


      1. Offer tools for members to learn about how to increase their value
      2. Financial – i.e. increased reimbursement, negotiating better rates with payers, contract negotiations, how to achieve financial well-being
      3. Peer support opportunities – i.e. networking/social events, implement empowerment strategies, mentoring
      4. Identify and pursue opportunities to partner with other healthcare groups to address well-being
      5. Create and offer resources for members to advocate for themselves and engage with employers in addressing contributors to burnout (i.e. administrative burnout).

      Goal 2: Decrease physician burnout


      1. Develop tools and resources to allow physicians (employed and independent) have more control over their practice of medicine.