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Our focus is Family Medicine. Get more involved in MDAFP, the only organization in Maryland fully dedicated to providing value to our Family Physician members and their patients through advocacy, education, and workforce initiatives.

We need members to help serve on the following committees and workgroups. Meetings will be via phone conference and limited to 3-5 meetings. If you have any interest in the below topics please help us by agreeing to serve. If interested, email Executive Director, Becky Wimmer and she will provide you with more details.

Thank you in advance – we need your participation, ideas and energy!

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MDAFP Committees

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Education Committee

Oversees MDAFP Annual Meeting & Winter Refresher educational programming including topics and tracks and KSA sessions. MD’s regulatory requirements are monitored and taken into consideration in program development. Determines needs and identifies topics for additional programming and acts as the clearing house for educational program proposals. Also, has oversight responsibilities for the process for obtaining AAFP CME credit and assigning a designated CME physician reviewer. This committee meets as needed throughout the year, requiring more frequent meetings leading up to a conference.

Co-Chairs: Kelly Ryan, DO & Stacy Ross, MD, FAAFP


Finance Committee

Led by the treasurer, the finance committee reviews financial statements, reviews the annual budget that is prepared by the executive director, addresses the financial goals of MDAFP, and makes recommendations regarding existing and new revenue streams. This committee meets quarterly.

Chair: Amar Duggirala, DO, MPH, FAAFP


Governmental Advocacy Committee

The GAC advises the board on legislative and regulatory matters and recommends an annual legislative agenda to the board for approval. In addition, GAC reviews and recommends policy on all state and local legislation affecting the practice of medicine, scope of practice, access, public health and medical liability. The committee also works with the Executive Director and key staff to coordinate the efforts of the contract lobbyist and member education regarding key issues. The GAC also addresses needed position statements in governmental advocacy areas where MDAFP does not have an existing policy.

Co-Chairs: Amar Duggirala, DO, MPH, FAAFP & Ariel
Warden-Jarrett, MD, FAAFP


Nominating Committee

Led by the immediate past president, the nominating committee recruits new leadership to the Board and committees, and drafts a slate for officers. This committee meets annually.

MDAFP Workgroups

If a timely issue arises, the Executive Committee may appoint a Work Group

Work groups are shorter term commitments that are focused on a specific project. For work group opportunities that fit your interest and availability, keep an eye on your inbox. MDAFP will include a call for work group volunteers on an as-needed basis in chapter newsletters.

Pathways to Family Medicine Workgroup

Pathways to Family Medicine Workgroup

Support Diversity and Inclusivity Initiatives

The Pathways to FM workgroup focuses on growing and maintaining a Family Medicine workforce by identifying and promoting strategies and opportunities to engage interest in the specialty. The Workgroup supports diversity and inclusivity initiatives and promotes Maryland as an attractive place to practice to medicine students.

The team’s projects include a mentorship program, a speakers program for medical students and residents and working to advocate for Maryland physician incentives.

Public Health Advisory Group

Public Health Advisory Group

Identify Public Health-Related Work of the Academy

The Public Health Advisory Group is an assembly of members interested in public health issues who may be called upon as an advisory group to identify public issues that arise and assist in strategy as well as be a resource for public health-related work of the academy.

Public Health Workgroup

Public Health Workgroup

Addresses Public Health Issues Identified by Leadership

The Public Health Workgroup began as a subgroup to the Task Force on Health Equity and Racism. It has spun off into a group that is addressing public health issues that are identified by leadership or this group as issues that are relevant to our members and the patients our members serve.

Most recently this group is working with community leaders and others in targeted segments of our state to address COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and questions the public has about the vaccine for the newest age demographic to be eligible for the vaccine.

New! Wellbeing Workgroup

New! Wellbeing Workgroup

Support and Promote Physician Wellbeing

MDAFP is looking for members interested in helping us with the important work of supporting and promoting Physician Wellbeing. The Wellbeing Workgroup will address enhancing family physician career satisfaction, create strategies for member support and promote overall health.

The group looks to partner with other associations and groups to support these goals. Members interested in wellbeing resources and supporting these opportunities are needed to help guide these efforts.

Task Force on Health Equity and Racism

The Task Force on Health Equity and Racism was formed to address how MDAFP responds to the critical issue of racism and its relation to health equity in Family Medicine

The Health Equity and Racism Task Force ensures this vital topic is at the forefront of MDAFP’s advocacy and education efforts
These members work to contribute positive and productive solutions in the public health arena addressing current health 

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If your idea is a state-specific proposal, please complete the below project proposal, or submit via email to Executive Director Becky Wimmer.

The appropriate committee or workgroup will review and make recommendations for this proposed project and involve you along the way.

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