Maryland Academy of Family Physicians
The Largest Professional Medical Specialty Society in Maryland

Our focus is Family Medicine.

The Maryland Academy of Family Physicians is the largest professional medical specialty society in Maryland

Its 1500+ members are practicing family physicians, family medicine residents in training and medical students. The MDAFP works to preserve and promote quality, cost effective health care. It promotes the science and art of Family Medicine and works toward providing Marylanders with well-trained family physicians who render the highest quality care for their patients.

The Academy provides advocacy, representation and leadership for the specialty of family medicine. It exists to support the professional needs of its members as they serve their patients.

MDAFP is a chapter of the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Our Vision

Able, Responsive, Family Physicians Serving Their Communities

Our Mission

To support and promote Maryland family physicians in order to improve the health of our State’s patients, families and communities